Double Knead And Roll

Méthode de Soin avec appareil TechniSPA® pour déstocker les graisses installées, lisser les capitons, affiner les contours et redessiner la silhouette.
Ce Soin traite les rondeurs localisées.


En 45 minutes, des résultats visibles et mesurables sur le tour de cuisse, de hanche et de taille.
• Redessine la silhouette, affine les contours.
• Lisse les capitons et attaque les rondeurs là où elles se trouvent.


The exceptional performance of Technispa® treatments is due to the combination of three specific and simultaneous technologies:

Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration
In just one technical movement, the massage handle performs two slimming movements. Lipo-aspiration draws in the skin so that two folds of skin appear, doubling the treatment’s effectiveness in the same treatment time.
Patented system.

Slimming Double Ionisation
The double ionisation technique increases the absorption and circulation of active slimming ingredients contained in the ACTISERUMS, thereby increasing the treatment’s effectiveness.

Slimming Thermal Effect
The heat-diffusing process softens fat on the skin’s surface and increases the skin’s microcirculation to facilitate detoxification.



All types, Normal skin

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