TechniSPA® Soothing Legs Treatment

Refreshed and light-feeling legs all year round!

Treatment's goals

In only 30 minutes, a sensation of comfort and well-being is restored to legs, which feel lighter and appear slimmer. Ideal for individuals who suffer from long periods of time on their feet, which causes swelling in the legs and sensations of discomfort, the TECHNISPA® SOOTHING LEG Treatment combines two simultaneous tissue draining actions.

Treatment type

Light Legs Care

Skin type

All skin types, Normal skin

Suggested price

45€ to 55€

Treatment type

Light Legs Care

Skin type

All skin types, Normal skin

Suggested price

45€ to 55€


By the end of the treatment, the legs have regained their comfort and lightness. The legs are slimmer, more streamlined and more beautiful.

-1.2 cm*

of knee circumference


of women experienced a draining effect and a feeling of lightness and freshness

*Tests performed after 6 Technispa® Advanced System Light Legs treatments; average decrease.

Panel of 5 subjects.


Techniques With The Technispa® Machine

The exceptional performance of TECHNISPA® treatments is achieved by combining three specific technologies simultaneously

Care device


The Technispa® is a patented body care device, exclusively reserved for the Guinot Institutes.

The exceptional performance of the device is based on 3 innovative technologies, thus ensuring a potentiated slimming effect.

TechniSPA® Light Legs Treatment


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Products 100% Made in France from the Guinot Laboratory located in Dammarie Les Lys (77) Certified High Technology Laboratory

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